Architects of High-Grade Recycled Plastic Pellets

Who we are

Recipo Material is a giant step towards realising our vision of a sustainable society where electronics do not become waste but are circulated into new products. We are the first plastic recycling plant owned and run by a collection scheme.

With a steady source of material from Recipo’s collection schemes as well as from other recyclers in Northern Europe, Recipo Material can guarantee a steady supply of raw plastic material for global manufacturing distribution .

Recipo has identified that plastic recycling for WEEE is not reaching material recovery targets. A majority of the plastic from WEEE is being exported out of the EU, where traceability and accountability becomes far more difficult. A need to establish control of materials from an environmental perspective is paramount. Recipo has found a niche in the market that is in direct alignment with our vision and goals. Shortening and centralising Recipo’s value chain makes this joint operation more environmentally efficient and more cost effective compared to our competitors.

What we offer

The demand for recycled plastic is growing and the time for utilising virgin plastic is well and truly over. Here at Recipo Material, we offer a steady stream of recycled high-grade plastic material that will not cost the planet, or your business.

We can help our customers reach higher economic goals with pure and reliable recycled source material. We guarantee that production quotas will be met in order to deliver finished electronic products on time.

Our services

  • Production of pure ABS, PS, ABS/PC pellets and flakes for manufacturing
  • Extended traceability down the production line of raw plastic material
  • Accountability for all material fractions found in plastic waste

Our products

  • ABS Pellets
  • PS Pellets
  • ABS/PC Pellets
  • PMMA
  • Coming soon ABS/FR

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What is New at Recipo Material

Kristine Daktere is the new Country General Manager for Recipo

Recipo Material first opened its production line in January 2020, recycling the plastic materials in WEEE streams from across the Nordics and producing high-grade recycled plastic pellets.

Kristine Daktere will focus on streamlining Recipo Material, expanding our market across Europe and increasing the supply of high quality recycled plastic pellets across industries, where the demand for recycled plastics is steadily growing


“We return your post-consumer electronic waste as recycled raw material ready for use in new products”