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Recipo leads the Nordic region in Producer Responsibility. From compliance with local legislation, collection of electronic waste with traceability, to full control of plastic material recycled at our purpose-built recycling plant, Recipo Material.

We are the first collection scheme for WEEE to own and operate a plastic recycling plant.

We can guarantee circularity for all the plastics we handle and provide a steady stream of recycled material which return to the production supply chain of new electronic products. Together with our customers, Recipo works innovatively to close the loop on the plastic lifecycle in electronics. Bringing us closer to realising our vision of a sustainable society where electronic parts do not become waste but are circulated into new products.

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Nordic Producer Responsibility

Our ambition is to make it easy and cost-efficient for you as a producer to shift to a circular economy in compliance with legal requirements.

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Redefining the recycling business, pellet by pellet

For more information on our new recycling plant, and to find out how to purchase Recipo Plastic please visit Recipo Material.

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